Heritage Week 2022 The Heritage & Bio-diversity of Kilbarron Church

Old Kilbarron Church

We held our Heritage Week Events on Sunday 21st August at the Abbey Mill Tea rooms starting at 2pm.
Now you might wonder why did we not hold the event at Old Kilbarron Church -well at the time we thought that the conservation work at the church may have begun and it would not fit into our Health & Safety guidelines to have people on site. However we plan to have a follow up event in the summer of 2023 at the church.

Abbey River

The event began with an introduction by Ruth Cleary who told us about the efforts of the group to improve the biodiversity of the evironment inside the ruins of the church by removing invasive species such as bramble and allow the return of wild flowers She ten spoke about the special bio-diversity of the Abbey River system which has been largely undisturbed since the 19th Century and has an abundance of plant species only found in the Donegal Bay area,

We then had a short walk to the nearby Catsby cave where in the secluded glade masses were said, clandestinely during Penal times in Ireland.

Ruth Cleary explaining the story of the Catesby Cave

The group then walked to the other side of the Abbey Mill to the Abbey Well which is dedicated to St Patrick and where Ruth Cleary told the group of the plant species found on the Erne estuary.

St Patrick’s Well

Afterwards the group returned to the meeting room where they heard three presentations firstly on the history of Kilbarron old Church by Fergus Cleary and later a talk on the role of Inland Fisheries Ireland by Gerry McCafferty and a talk on the efforts to save the migrating fish species of Atlantic Salmon, Sea trout and Eels by Dr Milton Matthews. Aterwards we were all treated to some light refreshments in the Abbey Mill Cafe which is entirely run by a dedicated band of Volunteers

Many thanks to all who attended and to the volunteers who all helped to make the day such a success.

Here are some pictures of the Heritage Week event:

Talk by Milton Matthews and Gerry McCafferty on the Erne Inland Fisheries